Refugee Assistance

Our Refugee Support Fund helps put families on the path to financial self-sufficiency. We are working with HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), local agencies, faith-based entities and local volunteers to assist families moving to the U.S. from countries that are experiencing turmoil. We encourage everyone to participate in our discussions and learn about ways they can help.


A former Afghan interpreter for the United States military and his family will be homeless on June 16th, 2023. We are in dire need of finding somewhere they can live. If you know of anyone who might be able to help with temporary or permanent housing, please send an email to or call TBA board member Jay Duchin at 781.334.5068.

The video below tells the story in more detail and sharing it with friends and colleagues is greatly appreciated.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation to our GoFundMe page to help with this effort.

Click below to listen to the radio interview with Dan Rea of WBZ’s NightSide program as he discusses Abdul’s situation.

Click the logo to read about Abdul and his family in the Salem News