We take the security of our congregants and staff very seriously. As a result of the horrific attacks that took place on October 7th, 2023, we’ve updated and improved our security on a variety of levels. We’ve increased police presence at events and services along with investments in our security infrastructure.

We continue to have regular check-ins with our security partners to ensure the safety of our community and will continue to keep our congregation updated on what’s happening behind the scenes. 

See something, say something:
If you notice someone or something out of the ordinary or feel threatened,  dial 911 and/or the Beverly Police Department at 978-922-1212 to report the situation.  Locating TBA staff may take time so we encourage people to react quickly on their own.

Door Policy:
We ask that you only open the front door for people you know. If you’re unsure, find the office manager and let them speak to the individuals through our video doorbell. Going forward, we are requiring IDs and/or tickets for larger events. Unknown individuals will not be allowed inside the building without prior permission or appointments. 

Please do not prop open any doors at any time. 

We continually strive to strike the right balance between establishing a secure building while maintaining a safe space for our close community. If you’d like to join in our security efforts or become certified as a TBA greeter, please let us know by emailing and put “Security” in the subject line.


The TBA Security Team and our community partners