We are broken-hearted about the devastating violence in Israel and Gaza. We pray daily that the Israeli hostages be released to return to their loved ones. We also pray that all people – the children of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar – be freed from captivity, persecution, violence and fear.

In our eight Guiding Jewish Values, one of them states,
“We support Israel’s basic right to safety and self-preservation as a democratic Jewish State in our ancient homeland. We can respectfully disagree with each other regarding government policies, while holding the Israeli democracy up to Jewish standards of justice and fairness. We commit to learning more about the complicated dynamics and history of Israel, the Palestinians, and the entire region so that our opinions and actions can be strengthened and well informed.”

TBA is offering listening circles to support our members during these trying times. Our Rabbi continues to be involved in the greater community which includes educating and talking with people about the complexity and nuance of the situation. We are also making cards to send to friends and family in Israel. If you have questions or anything, contact Rabbi Alison Adler.

Donations to the Combined Jewish Philanthropy’s Israel Emergency Fund are encouraged