Being a part of a Jewish family community is important inside and outside of the synagogue. At TBA, families join together to create programs that enhance and support their common values and interests. Family hikes, Sukkah decorating and Hamantashen baking, and Shabbat dinners are always more fun when we are together. All are welcome to join.


Young Adults

Havurah (Group of Friends)

Meet peers and join our growing community of 20’s/30’s/40s – singles, couples, Jewish, interfaith, LGBTQI. Activities include bowling, Shabbat dinners, hiking, baking hamantaschen. Contact Aaron for more information or to get involved – aaronzevkatz@tbabeverly.org


Interfaith Families

Interfaith families have been a welcomed, valued, active and growing group at TBA for over 25 years. “Krovei Yisrael” means relatives of Jews and they are partners of Jewish members who also can become full voting members. They sometimes meet to discuss the many joys and challenges of being a multi-faith household.

Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness group at TBA focuses on activities that promote fitness and overall well-being. From nature walks and health fairs to nutrition counseling, we are always looking for new ways to promote activity and healthy lifestyles.



‘Bringing our hearts and souls into our Jewish lives and practices’ is the invitation the Spirituality group extends to all TBA members. Spirituality, that elusive and very personal experience, has an important place in traditional Jewish practices and in the activities of a contemporary progressive synagogue. We have daily remote meditation Sundays through Fridays at 7:00 AM (contact the office for the Zoom link). A Tu B’shevat Sedar and a Healing Service are some of the programs that have been conducted. Contact us for information, conversation, and participation.


Social Club

The Social Club at TBA was created as a way for members of all generations to meet, build friendships and grow community. Our Social Club events are intended to be non-religious in nature. In the past we have had events like Friday night suppers, Game Night and Brewery gatherings.

Whether you are a school parent, a young adult, single or retiree, all are invited. Like all things at TBA we are completely inclusive.

If you would like to know more about future events, have ideas or would like to join us, let us know!

CONTACT Linda Goodspeed


Sisterhood is the beating heart of TBA. We are a diverse and dedicated group of women who deliver interesting and varied programming: meaningful spiritual and religious activities, fun social gatherings and intellectually stimulating lectures and field trips, all to benefit the Religious School and the Temple. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, 20s-90s. Join us and you will find the activities that match your interests and abilities. You will make new friends and your TBA Sisters will nourish your soul and warm your heart.


Fill out membership form/pay dues here


The Brotherhood schedules a variety of activities and events throughout the year. Our mission is to enhance the TBA experience with fellowship and fun as well as supporting our synagogue.


The Pe’ah Garden

The Torah commands us to leave the corners (pe’ah) of the fields for the poor to glean and the tradition continues at TBA. Our religious school children, their families and the community get hands-on learning of Jewish values as we grow food connected to Jewish holidays in our Pe’ah Garden. In 2018, local herbalist, Iris Weaver will garden with us to grow even more food to support Beverly Bootstraps and use at our Monday Night Suppers at the First Baptist Church. The garden is part of the TBA school curriculum and the PJ Library family programs and provides a place for participants in Family Promise to garden.

In the summer you can find us weeding, planting and harvesting on Sunday mornings around 10:00 AM.